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The Truth Sucks But It’s Still the Truth

Life is conspiring to make you look bad. With every passing year, the natural tendency for us humans is to gain weight, lose muscle and gasp for air when we struggle up a couple of flights of stairs.

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You can let it happen, or you can fight back.

If you keep doing what you’re doing, pretty soon you’ll probably start avoiding mirrors. The truth is, without an effective, sustainable exercise program, you’ll look worse and feel worse with every passing year. That sucks, but it’s true.

So, avoid the despair – do something different.

Here’s something else that’s true. Starting an exercise program is easy. The trick is keeping it going. Most people who start an exercise program quit within a few months. They quit because the program is missing one of the three critical components.

Clinically Effective, Personalized Design

Most of the people you see in huge health clubs aren’t doing themselves much good. And they might even be damaging their bodies. Often, they’re doing the wrong exercises and they are virtually always using improper (perhaps dangerous) technique.

Slinkfit is a Performance Training Center. We exist to help you improve your performance – performance of daily activities and performance in athletic endeavors. Slinkfit offers several training options including one-on-one personal training, small group personal training, large group training and guided memberships. The goal of each option is to make sure you’re doing the right exercise in the right way so your work will pay off. (Access-only memberships are available for qualified individuals.)

Measureable, Observable Progress

If it were working, people in the gigantic fitness centers wouldn’t quit so often. And if helping people get results was as important to the gigantic fitness center as selling new memberships, things might be different.

Here’s a simple fact: we’re motivated when we’re successful. There is nothing quite as wonderful as making progress on something that’s meaningful to us. Maybe that’s getting back to your college weight or fitting into your favorite jeans. Maybe it’s a new personal best on the track or on the court. Whether you choose one-on-one personal training, small group personal training or a guided membership, your program will be designed to provide measureable feedback and observable progress. You will absolutely see the return on the effort you invest.

Social Support

Slinkfit is a performance training center. It’s also a community – a community of likeminded people who are striving to improve their health, their appearance and their performance. It’s a supportive community, a community that understands the effort and sacrifice required – a community that applauds the progress of every member.

Social support contributes to results because you’re more likely to show up when people are expecting you. It’s fun when your friends are there. And it helps to have someone to share the pain and the progress.