Why You Need A Personal Trainer

Even the most experienced explorers, when confronted with a new mountain or unfamiliar place, call upon an experienced guide, a Sherpa, to help them reach their goal.

Today’s world of fitness is often a daunting mountain of its own, an ever-changing landscape, marked by a dizzying array of get-fit-quick solutions that simply lead you to a disappointing dead-end. If you’re like most people, you’ve tried to find your own path to physical fitness, only to lapse back time and time again into familiar habits.

At SlinkFit, your personal trainer is your Sherpa, working with you to develop a unique path to help you achieve your personalized fitness goals. Having a Sherpa will serve as another set of eyes, an experienced guide to motivate you, hold you accountable and literally show you the safe and right way for you and your individual needs. We’re equally dedicated to your success, committed to helping you set and reach realistic goals — doing it the right way through proper technique every time via fun, interesting and challenging workouts that help you achieve dramatic results. We’ll help you avoid disappointing wrong twists and turns (literally*) — and avoid injury setbacks, to more quickly put you on the right path toward your fitness dreams.

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Explore SlinkFit today and you’ll discover a unique, yet proven approach to physical fitness and personal training unparalleled in Kansas City. Get on the right path today!

* Physical therapy is a multi-billion dollar industry because people don’t use proper techniques when training and working out.

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Heath Holloway - Personal Trainer

Heath Holloway

Coach Heath comes to SLINKFIT from spending 15+ years in the gymnastics and cheerleading industry. He has had a growing passion for working with kids and adults to help them reach athletic and fitness goals his entire life. Knowing personally how going from an active athlete to an adult when life and careers can get in the way of working out and staying fit, the struggle of finding time and balancing life with training. Heath has been there, knows the struggle and has committed himself to helping others finding this balance.

As a part time gymnastics instructor as well as fitness professional, he incorporates the basics of gymnastics training with the basics of fitness training. Specializing in corrective exercise and fitness coaching, working with individuals and small groups to monitor and motivate each person to reach their fitness and wellness goals through fun and engaging exercise plans, healthy nutritional guidelines, and safe fitness growth.

“I am excited to be part of the SLINKFIT family, providing outstanding customer service to each of our members to help them develop strong, healthy movement patterns that we all use in our day to day lives.”

Tim Hall - Personal Trainer

Tim Hall

Thank you for looking at my profile and here is a little information about my background. Along with being a trainer at Slinkfit, I have been an Instructor in the Physical Education Department at Johnson County Community College for over 25 years.

My background consists of a B.A. and M.S. degrees in Health and Physical Education from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, along with being a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a certified weightlifting coach with USA Weightlifting. Over the years at JCCC I have been the strength coach for the athletic teams, director of the Lifetime Fitness Center and taught numerous classes. Along with this I have been involved with the Olympic sport of weightlifting for over 30 years. During my weightlifting years I had the opportunity to train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and also coach many national champions and one Olympian.

My training philosophy is simple and basic; there are no secrets, magic pills or gimmicks to getting in shape. You have to train smart on a consistent basis. In my programs I believe in meeting your goals and needs by using different types of full-body movements with proper form and technique. Everyone will react to training differently, so workouts have to monitored and adjusted accordingly.

Once again I would like to thank you for looking at my profile and it would be my pleasure to help you with your fitness goals.

Daniel Gutierrez - Personal Trainer

Daniel Gutierrez

My name is Daniel Gutierrez, and I originate from Kansas City, KS. I am a graduate from the University of Kansas and received my Bachelors degree in the field of Exercise Science.

My experience with sports conditioning and the sport of Weightlifting started 6 years ago at Johnson County Community College under the watchful eye of Coach Istvan Javorek, a USAW senior level coach from Romania. I was taught and trained the technique of the sport through a rigorous 48 week training cycle unique to his training philosophy. From there, I was introduced to coach Whitney Rodden, the head strength and conditioning coach at MidAmerica Nazarene University. Prior to graduating, I completed a 4 month internship at MNU which included overseeing the strength and conditioning program along with outside programs who came to learn the technique of Weightlifting and general sports conditioning. There, I volunteered my time to help coach the technique and form of weightlifting to any and all of the athletes enrolled there. During my time at MNU, I also volunteered as an assistant instructor during multiple USAW level 1 coaching courses held on campus. This experience has given me the opportunity to pass on valuable knowledge of the sport to any and all individuals looking to substantially improve their athletic performance. 

David Bromberg - Personal Trainer

David Bromberg

David has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from California University of Pennsylvania as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Truman State University. He is a Corrective exercise Specialist (CES) and a Certified Health Fitness Specialist (HFS). David also interned at Cressey Performance in the fall of 2012 learning from some of the top strength coaches in the world and working with professional athletes. David has worked with clients of all ages including young athletes all the way up to senior citizens. He believes that exercise and fitness is individual and the program needs to be fit to the person’s need to make sure they reach their goals.

“I am excited to be a part of the team at SLINKFIT and look to learn from the clients and other trainers, just as much as I coach.”