Better Performance—Less Pain:

“I’ve been an elite athlete for ten years, but always had the frustration of a recurring shoulder injury. When I returned from World Championship competition with nagging pain that lasted beyond physical therapy, I talked to Doug. He considered my chronic injury from a unique perspective, analyzing my total body movement and compensation. Since working with SLINKFIT, my athletic performance and biomechanics in my daily activities have improved, and most of all, my shoulder is pain-free.”

Kelly Salchow, USA Olympic Rowing Team

Big Time Goals-Little Time:

“SLINKFIT has really helped me use my time to its maximum efficiency. In the past, I wasted countless hours in the gym. With Doug, in only three hours a week, plus some aerobics on my own, I’ve transformed my body into a healthier leaner version of myself.”

Ellie, Marketing Director



Core Strength:

“As an orthopedic surgeon specializing in spinal disorders, I’m always interested in ways to improve the overall health of patients without surgery or during recovery. A friend suggested I look into the elements of SLINKFIT for strengthening the body’s core. I soon started my own SLINKFIT program and after just 6 months, my spinal posture, stamina, and athletic capability have been forever changed. My work with Doug has given me a healthier perspective and new appreciation for functional movements. I’m eager to incorporate his techniques in the care of my patients”

R. Chris Glattes, MD, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

What’s A Kettlebell?:

“I had already been training with Doug when he introduced me to Kettlebells. At first I was intimidated, but Doug taught me the proper techniques and customized a workout for my individual skill set. This workout took my fitness regimen to a whole new level.”

Laura, Business Executive

Better Fastball:

“As a high-school athlete (baseball and basketball), SLINKFIT has helped me improve my strength and coordination. Doug’s training focus is on enhancing “core strength,” which is critical for athletic training and overall sports performance. In just a few months, I reduced my 60-yard dash by .30 seconds and significantly improved my vertical jump. I believe the work I’ve done with Doug contributed greatly to my stronger pitching over the past season.”

Richard, High School Athlete

Beyond Pilates:

“I’m a full-time Pilates instructor, but wanted to add some variety and depth to my personal workout routine. My experience with strength training was limited, but working with Doug helped me achieve levels I believed weren’t possible since my surgery. Doug is a fantastic trainer who has helped my personal strength and my abilities as a Pilates Instructor.”

Melissa, Pilates Instructor

Lifestyle Fitness:

“Training with SLINKFIT has been life-changing. Having always battled my weight, Doug was able to push me to a level I truly never expected from myself. The discipline taught in training not only helps me in my workouts, but in my way of eating and overall lifestyle. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone serious about getting into shape and maintaining overall health in mind, body, and soul.”

Jeff, Event Planner

Good For My Body And My Brain:

“For years before working with SLINKFIT, I had always done the traditional bench presses, reps, bicep curls, and so on. Doug’s approach and methods really changed my perception of working out and being fit. I have now trained with Doug for over four years. Each time I complete a cycle of training, I experience a significant improvement in my strength, coordination and conditioning. Doug is very open to sharing his knowledge. I learn more than just the “how-to.” I also learn the “why.” He is very patient with my many questions. If you live or work in the Kansas City area, be sure to set up a one-on-one with Doug. You will not be disappointed.”

Kyle, Chief Information Officer

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