Each SLINKFIT personal training program is developed on sound principles that are appropriate for everyone, but applied through a system created just for your body. Doug works closely with you to evaluate your physical needs and goals, so you can attain a healthy, conditioned, and resilient body - not just for a moment, but for a lifetime.

THE philosophy

How we move is proof of how our muscles, joints, ligaments and bones work together. A body that is out of sync on the inside stumbles on the outside, whether it’s a twinge when lifting groceries, ongoing recovery from a persistent sports injury, or just the feeling that the spare tire around your waist will never go away.

The muscles you can’t see are often the ones that perform the most important functions. The SLINKFIT system explores this connection, developing your body’s core structure inside for a stronger outside. SLINKFIT looks beneath the surface of each individual to identify and correct mechanical inefficiencies.




SLINKFIT starts with unique, fundamental movements and progresses to more complex, complete workouts as your core strengthens and your stamina increases.
You’ll be introduced to a variety of training methods using a combination of gym equipment, compound movements, balance and conditioning drills. A stable core—your body’s foundation—enables you to perform each movement of your workout, and your daily life, with optimum efficiency.

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With more than 20 years as a strength coach and personal trainer, Doug Slinker has vast experience in developing fitness programs on both small (individual) and large (corporate) scales. His background includes seven years as the Fitness Director at Farmland Industries, fitness instruction at several Kansas City area colleges and extensive experience in one-on-one personal training. This background allows him to evaluate the right training approach for all ages and a wide variety of body types, fitness goals and experience levels.

“Training with SLINKFIT has been life-changing. Having always battled my weight, Doug was able to push me to a level I truly never expected from myself. The discipline taught in training not only helps me in my workouts, but in my way of eating and overall lifestyle. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone serious about getting into shape and maintaining overall health in mind, body, and soul.” - Jeff, Event Planner